One day training basics of Copywriting: 9 techniques to get your readers moving (in English – based on the format Werve(le)nd Schrijven in Dutch)

Flyers, websites, mailings, social media posts, invitations, newsletters… You probably write thousands of words a day, and all with the same ambition: to captivate the reader. You want the reader to think, click, act, react, subscribe. To speak up, get up, move, buy, donate, do something.

To get the reader on your side, your writing needs to be fluent and enticing. Writing like that takes time, focus and … 9 simple techniques. 

In this training we’ll discuss these techniques one by one and apply them to your copy. Together we’ll review, write and rewrite. Using our tips & tricks and expertise until you write copy that captivates your audience like never before.   


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1. Put the client in your copy

  • Can you picture your client when you close your eyes?  
  • More advantages, less features
  • Functions, facts & benefits

2. Personalise your copy

  • You’ before ‘we’
  • The 70% edge to incite action 
  • The power of dialogue

3. Structure your copy

  • The triple A-method: Attention, Argumentation, Action 
  • Applicable to any format and medium
  • 7 ways to start your copy

4. Visualise your copy

  • Offline and online reading behaviour 
  • How search bots scan for keywords, and readers for titles 
  • Different titles, different results: core versus theme

5. Shorten your copy

  • What’s SVO and why does it matter? 
  • The impact of a new perspective
  • A subject line that makes you want to read the e-mail

6. Simplify your copy

  • When less is more
  • Apps and formulas to write simply and clearly
  • The trouble with jargon

7. Activate your copy

  • Inform, convince and above all: call to action
  • Captivating CTA
  • The subtle use of the imperative

8. Brighten your copy

  • You want your copy to swing? Add rhythm and melody! 
  • Make your reader smile once in a while 
  • What if …

9. Correct your copy

  • Spelling is but one of the ingredients in your recipe
  • Start a copy cookbook
  • Beware of the anacolutha

Plus: immediate and constructive feedback on the copy you submitted in advance. Together we apply all tips and tricks directly to your copy. 

Is this something for you?

Is writing a big or important part of your job? Then this training is perfect for you! 

  • You work in communications or marketing. And you’d welcome a boost or a reboot.
  • Website, flyers, invitations, social media posts… When something needs to be written, your organisation turns to you. And a clear framework could help you do this even better. 
  • One of your tasks in commerce is to compose newsletters and quotations. And you want to know how to hold the interest of existing clients, while also attracting new ones. 
  • You’ve just started as a copywriter and/or editor. And you want to feel more comfortable and confident.   
  • You’re the manager. And you still like to write (some) of the internal and external communication yourself. 
  • You work in admin or support an account. And you regularly need to write convincing quotations and/or evaluate other people’s copy. 

No prior knowledge required. Basic English is just fine. 

Your takeaway

  • This is an interactive training. You will effectively work on copy. 
  • You’ll receive personal feedback on a piece of writing that you submitted before the training.
  • Thanks to the 9 tools and our tips & tricks you’ll save time and gain confidence whenever you write your next copy. 
  • You’ll be able to evaluate the quality of other copywriters, and make it better. 
  • Your own copy – of whatever type – will become more captivating and convincing.

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Your Scriptorij Trainer: Serge

Serge Cornelus is a typical citizen of Ghent: one with West Flemish roots. However, they have not prevented him from earning his living as a copywriter and trainer for over twenty years. He does this for various clients and agencies, including Scriptorij. He combines his freelance existence with a role as lecturer in the Communication Management program at Artevelde University College Ghent.

Practical information

Interested in organising this training for your team? We offer in-company training. Depending on your needs we can organise one full day, two half days, and much more besides. Or you can get this as an individual training.

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P.S. We also offer this training in Dutch and in French